Auto City in Cincinnati can help you with a variety of your automotive needs. Browse here for our services, stop in our shop, or call Triple Rays for roadside assistance!

Our Services

Custom Painting
Auto city provides painting for the entire body of your car and rims.

Bodywork + Collision
When there’s an accident,you can depend on Auto City to make car repairs for the body or frame of your car.

Rims + Rim Customization
Whether you want to buy new or used rims, or just customize the rims you have, We have a variety of options to choose from.

New + Used Tires
We sell tires of a variety of sizes and we recommend that they are purchased in sets of 2 or 4.

Window Tinting
Bring the shade to your ride with our window tinting service. Comes in a selection of intensities.

Gold Plating
We offer gold plating for individual parts of your car like grills or rims.

Used Car Sales
Our Selection of used cars can move fast. Call or stop in to see what we have on offer.

Contact information

Auto City is open weekdays, 9am - 6pm. You can reach us at any of the links listed, and for the fastest response, call during anytime we're open. All insurance claims are welcome and we also provide free estimates!